Interview With The Frog

Interviewer: Hi Frog. It's great you finally agreed to let us interview you.
The Frog: Yes, I'm sorry. I've been really busy.

Interviewer: It's OK. That's what we're here for. Everyone wants to hear about your innovations.
The Frog: After a long time of thinking and working I came up with some really cool stuff that can help people do their every day file handling operations a lot quickly and efficiently.

Interviewer: Really?! That's great! Please tell us about some of them.
The Frog: Actually, there's quite a few. For example, I created some innovative tools that save you annoying mouse clicks when you organize your files and folders. "Extract Files to Folder" and "Extract Files from Folder" are two of them.

Interviewer: What can I do with those features?
The Frog: With those two features you can pack selected files and folders in a folder and unpack folders from its contents. And you can do it with just a few clicks.

Interviewer: Wow. That's Nice.
The Frog: Yes. And there's more. I also created a way for you to copy and move files and folder around in your computer a lot easier. You can use my "Copy" or "Move" tools and I will remember the last five locations you copied or moved files to. That way you'll be able o move more files to those locations.

Interviewer: Oh nice! That will save me some time. Do you have any tools other than file organization tools?
The Frog: Of course. I believe that file handling is more than just moving files around. I want to provide people with the best and most useful tools for file handling.

Interviewer: Looks like you really took this seriously. You really want to help people work better with their computers.
The Frog: Yes. I do think I can help people do their file handling operations quickly and efficiently.

Interviewer: That's great. Can you elaborate about the other tools you thought about?
The Frog: Of course. I created tools for you to keep your privacy, tools to rename your files better, tools for image resizing and I even created a tool that will make an image album out of your image files. And all the tools I created can be invoked in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Interviewer: Wait a minute, you're telling me I just have to select some images, click a few clicks and I have an image album of my friends and family I can send to anyone?!
The Frog: Yes. And not only that, I let you decide how many images will be on a page and what will be the size of the margins. I'll even optimize the sizes of the images if you want me to so the size of the album won't be enormous. And I promise it'll be so easy for you you'd be surprised.

Interviewer: I can't wait to try this tool now. What about the renaming tools?
The Frog: I actually put a lot of thought in what people really use for batch renaming. I did some research and I found lots of applications lying around on the internet for this purpose. In my research I found the most useful renaming tools and I created a way for users to access them a lot easier. You'll notice that I didn't create a renaming application. I just created the appropriate windows for specific renaming tools. It's so easy to batch rename now.

Interviewer: I always find myself doing so many actions to just rename a bunch of files so they'll be named as I want them. I need to copy and paste so many times and I also needed to use the keyboard for every single file.
The Frog: I know. That's why I give you the most common rename operations so you'll do it a lot easier. You'll be surprised how easy it is now to do those operations.

Interviewer: That's great. You said something earlier about keeping my privacy. How do you do that?!
The Frog: File privacy is really important. I created a tool that you can encrypt and decrypt files and folders with. With my tool you just have to select your own secret password and your files are safe. The file encryption and decryption is easy to use. Just right click on the files you want to encrypt and type your password. That's it!

Interviewer: Wow that's so great. I always looked for such a thing and now it's here. It seems that you really handpicked the tools you created.
The Frog: Yes. I want to create the best file handling application. I don't want users to get tired looking for the tools they want. I want them to enjoy working with their computer and I want them to do things better. This doesn't mean I stopped working. Right now I'm working on some really cool stuff. I have a whole bunch of new tools coming up in the next releases.

Interviewer: Can you tell us more about what's coming?
The Frog: I can just say that some of my new tools are even more new and innovative than the current ones. Some of my current tools already exist in some other applications. I collected the best, did it better and put them in one place. The new tools are unique, new and useful. I decided to be obligated not to create any tools more than what's necessary.

Interviewer: That's good. I hate it when there are tools I never use. They just lie in my menu.
The Frog: Yes I know. It's one of my rules when I create something I always check how much it's really necessary. I don't think I'm perfect so I created a way for users to choose their favorite tools and I let them show only their favorites if they want to. I really care about user experience with my application. In the next releases you see an even better favorites handling mechanism along with the other new tools that will practically dazzle you.

Interviewer: That sounds really promising. When will you release new tools?
The Frog: I release new tools all the time. You'll have to check my website any other day to get updated.

Interviewer: I sure will! It sounds like you really into making my life easier.
The Frog: That's the idea. I want to make everyone's life easier.

Interviewer: I really like the way you're doing things. I have more questions but we're out of time.
The Frog: Yes. I really have to get back to work.

Interviewer: Ok. So thank you and I believe everyone is really excited to see what will be next.
The Frog: It's my pleasure. I believe everyone should try my application. Install it and you'll quickly see the benefits of it.

Interviewer: I don't know about anyone else. I'll sure try it right now.
The Frog: Have fun!