General Information

Q: What operating systems are supported?
A: Windows Vista\Vista64\XP\XP64.

Q: Will I get new upgrades and updates?
A: FilerFrog has an automatic update mechanism implemented inside the application. You'll get a notification when a new release will come out.

Q: I have an idea for a useful feature, what can I do?
A: Submit it to us, to our wish list at: WishList@FilerFrog.com You’ll might be surprised to see it in our next version.


Q: Why doesn't FilerFrog contain lots and lots of features?
A: FilerFrog is meant to provide users with what they need. FilerFrog have set a goal to become the ultimate file handling application for you! We don't want your eyes to get tired after searching for your desired feature when it's surrounded with useless others. We've made our research and brought you the most necessary features for you. Of course, we continue our research and FilerFrog will expand soon enough, but we promise we won't provide you with features you don't need.

Q: Hey, I can do almost every action FilerFrog does with windows or 3rd party applications. What's FilerFrog so special?!
A: FilerFrog isn't going to "invent the wheel" in every single feature it contains. You can extract files to folders on your own and you can download an application that will split your files and even join them. FilerFrog’s so special in the fact that with it you can simply do cumbersome operations and handle your files cleanly, easily and quickly. FilerFrog's also so special because “it’s got it all” and everything it's got is top of the line implementation. We have implemented the best encryption, split, join, image resize and other file handling operations with the best algorithms exist. BUT… stay tuned to the following versions of FilerFrog, we have some new innovative stuff for you that you might not find elsewhere.

Q: How do I customize the FilerFrog menu?
A: In order to create your own customized menu with your most desired features you can use the Favorites submenu. Just click Favorites and you be able to select your favorite features. If you want to show the favorites and nothing else, click on Settings and select the correct option from the menu.

Q: How does the FilerFrog encryption work?
A: We're not going to reveal all our secrets… but FilerFrog encryption is a powerful mechanism that creates an encrypted copy of the selected file using RC4 stream cipher encryption and MD5 hashing of the provided password. We’re trying to provide you with the best security available so you can encrypt and be calm… we’re taking care of you.

Q: What happens when I encrypt a folder?
A: When you encrypt a folder all of its subfolders and files will be encrypted. Like all encryption operations, all files and folders will get a "ffenc" extension so you'll know it's encrypted.

Q: I can’t make an image album with image files different from “jpg”. What should I do?!
A: FilerFrog currently supports “jpg” files for image albums. We will support new image file types in the future.